Costumes are a key element of a Halloween celebration, whether you believe in honoring the dead, warding off evil, or just having fun. Kid's tend to wear the outfit of their favorite superhero while adults reward clever costumes. In some cases, slutty costumes are popular, but those are usually for the desperate and boring.

Awesome costume ideas:

Pin Up Zombie Halloween Make Up Tutorial:

Emily (Corpse Bride) Halloween Make-up Look 1:

Silenced Halloween Tutorial Gory Stitched Up Mouth:

Nebula Guardians of the Galaxy Makeup Tutorial:

INSIDE OUT ANGER Makeup Tutorial:

Teddy Bear Girl Halloween Tutorial:

Halloween Sock Monkey Makeup Tutorial:

Another Sock Monkey Makeup Tutorial:

Sadness Inside Out Makeup Tutorial/Cosplay:

Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial / Costume also painted:


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